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24 Hours / 7 Days

MARINEPOOL CORPORATION offers a wide range of technical services to shipowners with partners, from conceptual designs, emission reduction solutions, project planning, new building supervision, dry-docking support and other services.

Our team of experts comprises naval architects, marine engineers, superintendents and electrical engineers, bolstered by specialists from the other pertinent fields of expertise. Their knowledge spans the marine industry, and they are passionate about what they do.


Our project management teams are located in Manila and Cebu offices, providing the necessary support to the site supervision team. They have extensive experience in dealing with shipyards, flag states, classification societies and suppliers.


24 Hours / 7 Days

MARINEPOOL CORPORATION is the world's  maritime service provider representing shipping companies from across the world, aggregating purchasing volume to obtain maximum value for goods and services. Maximum value is determined by a combination of price, quality, service, and assured supply and delivery with our partner pools.


We preferred suppliers benefit from the potential purchasing of its members’ vessels. Whether you’re a ship owner, manager, supplier or simply interested in the marine market, explore our site to discover the very real benefits MARINEPOOL CORPORATION has to offer through one stop shop service.


24 Hours / 7 Days

MARINEPOOL CORPORATION surely understand what we know the ship building process there is high potential to influence the ship quality and life cycle cost.

Our partners project management team of experienced professionals ensures that the vessel is built in accordance to contract, specification and rules. our contracted site team conducts scheduled inspections and also patrolling of work sites to closely monitor safety and quality during construction.


We guarantee that you will receive a well-built ship and enjoy lower life cycle cost.

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