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MARINEPOOL CORPORATION offer a range of tailored crew management bespoke services to your crewing requirements by cooperation with affiliated Crew agencies. We’re committed to providing quality crew. Drawing on our Partner  company experience and wealth of in-house knowledge and industry contacts we are able to secure the right people for your ships across all nationalities. We understand the competence, qualifications and experience of officers and crew are essential to the management of a vessel.

All our seafarers meet the very highest industry standards. All personnel deployed to managed vessels fully comply with STCW ‘95 (as amended) requirements including the refresher training requirements under STCW 2010 (Manila Amendments) and are recruited with the necessary experience relevant class of vessels and tonnage to which they are appointed. Our stringent recruitment process is geared to providing fully certificated, competent and experienced personnel. Compliance

As an approved Private Seafarer Recruitment and Placement Service Provider by the IOMSR our robust crewing systems are verify both through internal and external verification audit endorsing that we following maritime crewing best practice in all disciplines.

24 Hours / 7 Days


MARINEPOOL CORPORATION has partnerships with several excellent training facilities which provide training and assessment solutions to the maritime industry – including the cargo, cruise, superyacht and offshore sectors.

As the leading provider of Maritime English testing to seafarers worldwide, we have an in-depth understanding of the real crewing and training challenges facing today’s shipping companies across all key crew supply countries.

Our partners comprehensive catalogue of e-learning courses offers engaging, up-to-date training content aimed at enhancing seafarer knowledge and boosting vessel performance.

With office locations in Manila in-house industry experts and subject matter specialists are ready to work with our clients to help deliver a customized training solution that meets its needs.

24 Hours / 7 Days


MARINEPOOL CORPORATION is ready offering competent marine consultants to our clients based on a spot where they can enjoy not only our performance but also its competitive service. our experts are always visit everywhere requested ship is there.

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